Irlca provide a range of services to assist your company leverage computer systems to deliver maximum business value.

Whether your company develop bespoke computer systems, utilize commercially off-the-shelf systems or consume software as a service Irlca’s services ensure these computer systems meet your business requirements, operate reliably and efficiently and comply with relevant regulatory requirements. The range of service provided are detailed below.

Application Lifecycle Management

IRLCA’s Application Management services ensures your companies applications are consistently managed in line with business requirements, including any business requirement for regulatory compliance.

Regulatory Compliance

IRLCA offer a range of compliance services to minimize risks to your company. This includes Source Code Review, Service Provider Auditing and Audit Readiness.​ See the section below for further details.​

Information Technology

Information Technology is the critical backbone of anyLife Science company for collecting, archiving, and analyzing complex business data.

Professional Services

We partner with you to ensure your enterprise systems and processes are effective, efficient and meeting regulatory requirements throughout the systems lifecycle.

Software Development

IRLCA are dedicated to building high-quality regulatory applications to accelerate automation and support the transformational journeys our pharms clients need to take.

Enterprise Systems

Complexity of managing multi function, multi divisional systems is at the heart of the problems facing IT/Quality Operations.


We support product development from conception to commercialization with a data-driven process that allows your organization to remain fully compliant with regulations and guidelines.

Laboratory Informatics

Cost-effective laboratory validation and compliance solutions.

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Regulatory Compliance / DI

IRLCA offer a range of compliance services to minimize risks to your company.

Professional Placement

We assist companies looking to expand their portfolios and strategic objectives.

We ensure all App. management tasks are accurately completed, on-time and in accordance with approved procedures.

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